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The Yelloweye Rockfish, also locally known as the “red snapper”, is one of the largest members of the rockfish family. They are typically found in deeper rocky bottomed areas, some have even been found at depths of 475m! These large fish tend to live around the same rock patch their entire life - which them being the worlds longest-living fish species is a considerably long time. The Yelloweye Rockfish has an average lifespan of 114-120 years, some have even been found thriving at a ripe old age of 147!

Cut to shape with white border. Rough sizing = 5” x 5”
These stickers are eco-friendly, with a Greenguard Gold Certification due to their sticker stock, matte coating, and inks used in production. This certification means that each sticker meets rigorous chemical emissions standards and helps reduce indoor air pollution. These stickers are also produced on material that has no PVC or halogen, creating less air and water pollution. These stickers are not only eco-friendly, but made to last. They are robust, tear-resistant, and weatherproof, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

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