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East 2 West Freediving Inc.



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Wetsuit with materials of the highest quality and highly valued by freedivers, fishermen, and professionals for its performance-durability-price ratio.

Made of average density neoprene with a specially flexible lining of Nylon to improve comfort and adaptation.

New pattern, that makes easier the dilation of the rib cage and back, as well as the movement of the arms, by having a single panel of neoprene without seams on the entire side of the torso, armpits, and inside the arms. The tightness of the cuffs, ankles, and face have also been improved.

New sternal support, oversized double with padding, and anti-slip and tear-resistant fabric.

Semi-flexible Tatex © knee pads, divided into two protection elements.

Cut ending without fabric profile, simple, effective, and comfortable.

Non-long John pants for optimal dilation of the rib cage.

Customized with attractive detail transfers.


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