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The Beuchat Hero is the perfect speargun for spearfishers of all skill levels. The aluminum barrel features a track for improved accuracy, and the stainless steel reversed trigger mechanism is durable and reliable. The handle features a stainless steel trigger guard with tons of room for big hands or thick gloves. 

  • Exclusive Trigocamo Wide camo
  • Reverse stainless steel trigger mechanism
  • Short trigger travel for improved accuracy
  • Hero pistol grip with reel bracket and reversible right/left stainless steel line release
  • Aluminum barrel with Integrated Rail Guide for increased accuracy
  • Open Muzzle
  • 6.5mm shaft with shark fin tabs
  • 16mm megatonne power band
  • 1.6mm black mono-filament
  • Offshore muzzle bungee.
  • 100% made in France (Marseille)
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