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The Focus buoy is designed to let divers rest up and concentrate ahead of a descent. It allows beginners to discover line diving or experienced divers to improve their performance.

  • Grips located all around the buoy
  • Moveable panel on the top of the buoy, fixed by 4 detachable clips and adjusted by straps, giving access to stowage inside the buoy for up to 40 m of 2 mm diameter line.
  • Smart tip: One of the clips is red! The red clip must not be detached in the water at the risk losing the moveable panel!
  • Fasteners for snorkels, masks, fins etc.
  • Transparent pouch on the moveable panel for water bottles, nose-clips, camera etc.
  • Up to two pairs of fins can be stowed below the moveable panel.
  • Six grips located around the buoy offer divers support during rest periods between 2 descents.
  • Red colour offers excellent visibility from boats on the water.
  • Alpha Pavillon signalling flag.
  • The buoy has a bladder that can be inflated by mouth or via the direct system tube (supplied with the buoy). The bladder is fitted with a pressure relief valve to avoid over-inflation and possible bursting. Bladder guaranteed 3 years.
  •  900 denier fabric for greater robustness and durability.
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