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        The Labrax is back! Originally released in 2016, Epsealon has revamped this wetsuit and brought us the perfect suit for BC waters. Made with high stretch Yamamoto 39 Neoprene, the Labrax is as comfortable as they come. Smooth skin seals help prevent water from entering the suit, keeping you warm throughout your dives. If you want to blend into our murky waters, the Labrax is for you.
      • Smooth skin seals at the wrists, ankles, and face allow for great durability, comfort, and prevents water from entering the suit. 
      • Yamamoto® 039 Neoprene
      • High strength nylon outer camo /  open cell interior.
      • Ergonomic and preformed cut legs and arms.
      • SCS * sleeves to the wrists, ankles and hood.
      • Mesh-type protection to knees.
      • Neoprene 5mm loading reinforcement and protection Type Mesh.
      • Under crotch and hem equipped with braid and lined both sides.

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